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Fortifying Ladakh- A land of people with their religion as ‘Nature’

Have you heard of a place where people of all backgrounds come together to work in harmony, singing their symphony written on the notes of worshipping nature?

This wonderland of Himalayas called ‘Ladakh’ with arid mountains and dramatically crowned rocky outcrops with emerging streams of serene rivers, houses an abundance of natural beauty and foods from the earth.

The gifts from nature are savoured and harboured by the sincere efforts of the rural Ladakhis with the help of our on ground team members.

We plant hope, physically manifested as trees! We hope that the seeds which we sow would turn into life one day, one full of colors, flavours and aroma!

Testimony of our work on the banks of the Indus River. As they will grow further and stronger, these trees will act as an anchor to protect the catchment area of the river thus preventing soil erosion.

But not just the banks of the rivers, these trees will also hold the slippery soils in the risky terrain of the landslides.

Ladakh on-ground coordinator Dorjay, standing tall with his green soldiers because when it comes to preparing for the battle against climate change, we trust our green army the most!

Still unadulterated by modernity, we are dedicated to preserving its exemplified beauty and the intricate balance shared by its people with its biodiverse offerings.

And sometimes we go out of our way to clean Mother Nature as a way to express our love and gratitude for her gifts and beauty.

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