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Rural Livelihood Support by Tree Plantation


SankalpTaru Foundation identify regions of plantation where there are pressing agricultural and water issues, and by taking up plantation in those regions, take a step towards betterment of farmer community and reviving farm practices

Our Rural Livelihood Program has been designed to improve the farmers/villagers’ livelihoods and provide a sustainable income for their families

Objectives of this program are:

  • To support rural farmers with a more reliable source of income for sustaining their families in the long run.
  • Empowering women and promoting extensive agriculture practices in the targeted villages.
  • To increase orchards, while also creating a more reliable source of income for the beneficiaries by reducing their livelihood dependency on seasonal crops.
  • To help the associated beneficiaries in earning a sustainable and reliable source of income through the fruit-bearing tree’s rooted on their fields.

Working model of Rural Livelihood Support

Case Study on PROJECT HARIT UDAAN Sponsoring partner


  • To uplift rural farmers of the targeted states through agroforestry-based livelihood support program. while maximizing the socio-environmental impact through plantation.
  • To increase the green cover of the denuded area of these states by planting native trees that support local biodiversity.
  • To create a self-enthusiastic and self-sustainable ecosystem using various interventions (integrated organic farming practices and workshops).
  • To offer a technology platform that will ensure higher transparency, ease of monitoring & reporting and marketing mileage.


  • The difficult regional topography and shortage of water availability in some of these areas.
  • Simultaneous management of plantation in multiple states.
  • Insufficiency on farmer knowledge and technical know-how in the field of agroforestry.

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