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Mission INDIA, Plantation Project in Ghotaru, Thar Desert of Rajasthan

Abstract: SankalpTaru Foundation implemented an afforestation approach in the middle of Thar Desert based on concepts of sustainable agroforestry and active community engagement. The name...

Sustainable ways of growing saplings in the nursery

We all have visited nursery at some point in time whether it is for buying plants, acquaint ourselves with knowledge of various species of...

Best out of waste

Reusing bottles a) No-sew zipper cases: Can be used to store all sorts of art and craft supplies.To make this, cut a plastic bottle, glue a...

How to make fruit candy from solar drying

Sun drying process and its benefits The process of preserving food is something that is familiar to mankind since the days of yore. Several folklores...


Ever wondered that playing Holi with organic colours is possible ? Well , Yes !!! Now you don’t need to worry about getting rashes,...

Homemade Compost

Sitting in front of the laptop and trying to research a bit on the same topic I read this quote of Sir John Muir...

Agroecologically Innovative Farmer Beneficiary of SankalpTaru Foundation

There is growing evidence that agroecological farming systems help set off carbon footprint, support biodiversity, rebuild the quality of soils, sustain yields, and provide...

Earth Day 2021

Half a century ago, seeing the dire need to bring reformation, change, and sensitization amongst the people inhabiting our planet, an annual event to...

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