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Earth is NOT only OUR planet!

Traversing through Instagram stories, I saw this story of African Giraffes lying on ground and it was written ‘African drought led to death of...

Negation By Ecosystems’ Lungs

In prehistoric times, urbanisation was a myth, and nature was God. It provided the sapiens with all the essentials, food, water, air, fire and...

‘Empowering HEALTH’ Through Herbiculture:

The cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants for curing and preventing ailments is an old age tradition rooted in ancient wisdom of India. Fresh...

Fortifying Ladakh- A land of people with their religion as ‘Nature’

Have you heard of a place where people of all backgrounds come together to work in harmony, singing their symphony written on the notes...

Rural Livelihood Support by Tree Plantation

Background SankalpTaru Foundation identify regions of plantation where there are pressing agricultural and water issues, and by taking up plantation in those regions, take a...

Clean and Green School Program

Background: Inculcating Behavioral Change among Future Generations- SankalpTaru, along with student’s plant trees in the school compound or near vicinity. Involving teachers, students, corporate employees in tree...

City Based Plantation Program

Background- Preventing the city dwellers from the effect of pollution Under city-based plantation program, SankalpTaru Foundation plant trees within the city limits and/or up to...

Story- Premvati, Thauldar Village

60 year old Premvati from Thauldar village of district Tehri, Uttarakhand is an example of an ageless, timeless woman who kept her inner child...

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