Best out of waste

  1. Reusing bottles

a) No-sew zipper cases:

  • Can be used to store all sorts of art and craft supplies.
  • To make this, cut a plastic bottle, glue a zipper to it and then customize your decorations.

b) Piggy banks:

  • Can be used to organize loose change and also reinforces good saving habits.
  • To make this, take a plastic bottle, cut a hole wide enough on the side of the bottle to bring a coin into it, and then decorate with colored papers and other bottle caps.

c) Water sprinkler:

  • Can be used to water plants.
  • To make this, take a plastic bottle and make many small holes on its cap.

2) Reusing oil cans for plants

  • Can be used instead of pots.
  • To make this, take an oil can and cut out the upper part to form a pot-like container.

3) Reusing newspaper

a) Desk organizer:

  • Can be used to keep pencils, pens or any other stationary items.
  • To make this, make rolls using newspaper and pencil and then stick it with glue. Taking old CD as the base, stick all the newspaper rolls at its circumference.

b) Photo frame:

  • Can be hanged on walls or used as gifts tags.
  • To make this, make rolls using newspaper, pencil and then stick it with glue. Take any book cover cut out and stick these newspaper rolls at the corners to make the frame.

c) Phone cover:

  • Newspaper or leftover craft paper can be used to make cute phone covers.
  • To make this, colour a paper, and write any thoughts using black ink pen and then stick it to the plain old phone case.

4. Reusing old t-shirts

  • Can be used as reusable shopping bags or simply used as a casual carry all bag.
  • To make this, cut a circle near the neck of the t-shirt, cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt. Reverse the t-shirt inside out then cut off the edge at the base by making margin of say 5 cm at the foot of the t-shirt, tie these two together in bunches and then reverse the t-shirt again.

Article Written By Priya Arunkumar Singh

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Gayatri Dhumal
Having a background in Forestry & Environmental Science has been the driving force to know all about the mysteries of the environment and looking for newer sustainable ways to contribute to the environment. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about her passion with people and help contribute towards sensitizing them to adopt cleaner, greener ways to make a change.

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