KathaVayan – Env. Day Storytelling Event for Children


    Do we wait until we’re faced with the worst before we take action? Why does it take a catastrophe to spur us into change? Can we learn to listen to the whispers of nature before it’s too late? 

    Join us this Environment Day for a thought-provoking storytelling session led by our Kathakar (Storyteller), as we explore these questions together and reflect on the impact of our choices in shaping our world.

    SankalpTaru brings forward the storytelling event ‘KathaVayan’ for children of the age 7+ years, with an intention to nurture the children of today as environmentally conscious citizens of tomorrow.

    *The top 2 winners of the post-session challenge will have a tree planted in their honor on their next birthday!

    Register your child’s details in the link below to be part of ‘KathaVayan’ on Wednesday, Jun 5th.


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