Scarred Reflections: A Girl’s Vow to Protect


    Description: This story is about a girl who realizes the value of wildlife and decides to help save them.

     There once lived a girl named Livvy. She loved the outdoors, especially the creatures found in its midst. One day, she and her friend Nick went exploring in the woods near her grandma’s cabin.

    ‘I don’t think this is a good idea, Livvy. Maybe we should go back.’ Nick told her, feeling nervous about the idea of going into the woods unchaperoned.

    ‘Oh don’t be silly, Nick.’ Said Livvy. ‘I have been in these woods a million times with my granny and they are perfectly safe. Besides it’s 10 o’clock in morning, what’s the worst that could happen?’ 

    If only she knew that what would happen in the woods that day would leave a life long scar on her and not in the way a typical forest fairy tale does.

    As they strolled deeper into the forest, the trees started getting denser and Nick grew more tense. Livvy assured him that everything would be fine when they reached her favorite spot but he wasn’t entirely convinced.

    At last, Livvy and Nick reached the heart of the forest. It was filled with brightly coloured flowers, buzzing bees, timid squirrels and the sweet smell of honeysuckles.

    ‘It’s gorgeous!’ Exclaimed Nick, finally letting the tension seep out of him.

    ‘I told you that you would feel better when you saw my favorite part in the forest.’ Livvy said, feeling equally mystified. No matter how many times she came here, she was always in awe of its beauty.

    Suddenly a piercing scream cut through the trees. Livvy and Nick dashed through the forest, towards the sound. Finally they came to a stop in a clearing between the trees. In the middle of the clearing, on the ground lay a wounded deer. The deer’s chest was heaving rapidly and its breathing was starting to get shallow.

    Both of them quickly ran to its aid. ‘What do we do?’ Nick asked Livvy, getting panicked again.

    ‘I don’t know.’ Replied Livvy. The deer had a tiny scar on its left cheek that was familiar to her. She knew this deer. She had seen it the first time she had come into these woods with her grandmother. It was the same deer that had retrieved her lost doll from the forest when she was a little girl. 

    ‘Look over there.’ Nick said. ‘There are plastic chunks near its hooves. It must have eaten a plastic bag.’

    Livvy looked at the deer longingly. She knew there was nothing they could do to save the poor animal. The only way it could be saved was by surgery and they were far off from a Veterinary Hospital.

    As the dying creature took its last breath, Livvy swore to herself that she would do everything in her power to protect the animals residing in the woods.

    Moral of the Story: The beauty of nature should never be taken for granted, and our actions can have long-lasting consequences. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment from plastics.

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