The plight of ABC of the environment



    Urbanization is a rapidly growing phenomenon in which infrastructural advancement in general and providing modern housing in particular has become one of its prime needs. But this has been creating havoc in the environment in the form of habitat destruction for so many creatures, be it tiny or wild.

    Let’s read the story of three such tiny creatures who crave for nothing but just respect towards their existence from humans.

    One day, three friends Anna the ant, Bubbly the bee, and Chris the caterpillar met in the garden to have a chit chat.

    Anna and Chris saw that Bubbly was a bit sad and not able to participate in the conversation. 

    They asked, “What happened Bubbly, why are you so sad?”

    Bubbly replied that it did not have enough food to eat. 

    Now Chris also became a bit concerned hearing this as that would threaten its existence. In a worried tone Chris asked bubbly: “What are you saying?” 

    Bubbly went on – Do you know, they are planning to build a high-rise apartment here and are clearing all the plants and trees over here!!

    Hearing this Anna was also worried as their homes would now be dug up and they have to immediately shift their home base. 

    All of a sudden it felt so gloomy as everyone will soon move from here.

    Bubbly sobbingly said-”No one cares for us! Even Though humans enjoy my honey and benefit through my pollination, they do not respect my existence.” Chris nodded in affirmation and Anna, the wise ant was silently listening to Bubbly.

    With a nostalgic tone, Anna said – “ We all are children of Mother Nature. If anyone can understand our plight, it is Her! Let us all silently pray to our Mother to protect us and everyone around us”.

    With a heavy heart, all three friends bade goodbye to each other and left in search of their new home.

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