Jagatkala – Art Competition


    Theme: Invest in Our Planet


    Art helps create good neural circuits that develop the brain. And when kids learn about the environment, it stays with them for their lifetime.

    With an intention to spread the importance of Earth Day among young children, SankalpTaru is launching Jagatkala – An art Competition for Children of age groups 6-10 Years, 11-15 Years & 16+ Years! 

    Send us the photograph of your nature-inspired artwork along with your details in the link below before May 12th, 2023. 

    Best artworks will be showcased on our social media platforms, and their artists will receive gifts and certificates!

    Last date for this event was 12th May,2023 and Results were published on 19th May,2023. Click here to view the result.

    Medium of Art: A4 size/Canvas

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