Maya’s Longing for her Village – Part 1


    Description: This Story is about Maya who wants to become a SuperHero. Her departure from her village to a new place, aspires her to recreate all that she’s been missing. Her determination to achieve that gets her close to her dream. Read the story to know for whom Maya wants to become a SuperHero and what she is upto! 

    All Parts of The story of Maya

    This story is about Maya, a little girl residing in Gundiyat Gaon of Dehradun. Her dad is a scientist and mom is a teacher. Maya’s village has so many trees, birds, animals and butterflies. And there was a beautiful river very close to her home. 

    Picture credits: Aditeya Goel

    Everyday they all wake up with the sound Cuckarokooo. Once they wake up, they go out of their home, break a neem branch and use it as a toothbrush, and get ready to start their daily work. Then Maya leaves for school.

    Maya has her lunch everyday when the sun reaches right above her head, and comes back home when she sees birds flying back to their nest. 

    One day, Maya gets to know that her dad is getting transferred to a village which is near the Thar desert. 

    So Maya’s dad informs everyone to pack their things in a week to head to the new place. 

    The packing and all is done. As they were about to leave, Maya said, “Give me two minutes”.  And she ran towards the river and takes a sip of water looking at those beautiful mountains and trees and says goodbye to them.

    After a day-long travel, they all finally reach the village.

    Life is so different here. There are no trees, no birds , no rivers, no animals and it’s very hot and very little water is available.  

    Maya joined a new school, she made new friends, but deep within she missed her village. She started thinking about trees, sounds of squirrels, and frogs sound when it rained.

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