Maya sees a hope in new village – Part 2


    Description: This Story is about Maya who wants to become a SuperHero. Her departure from her village to a new place, aspires her to recreate all that she’s been missing. Her determination to achieve that gets her close to her dream. Read the story to know for whom Maya wants to become a SuperHero and what she is upto! 

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    One day, Maya came from the school. She sat outside her home looking at the sky. That is when she saw so many birds in the sky. 

    She asked her mom – “How come today there are so many birds?”

    Mom replied that these are migratory birds and they travel from one place to another .

    “Ohhhh!” said Maya, listening to her Mom curiously.

    When her dad came from the office, she ran to him and she told him about those migratory birds that she spotted. 

    She started crying that she misses her village so much and requested her dad if they can go back!! 

    Dad also feels bad and says -” Sorry Maya! we cannot go back there.”

    Next day Maya’s dad went to a nearby city and bought 4 birds in a cage.

    Maya was so happy and she started playing with the birds, feeding them with grains, and  just sitting next to them all day long.

    One evening, when she opened the cage, the birds flew away in the east direction. She started crying. 

    She went to her mom and asked- “Why did the birds fly away and where did they go?”

    Her mom answered that they flew toward the forest!

    Maya asked “why?” 

    Mom replied- “Because that’s where they live. There are so many trees there, they get fruits to eat, and it is not hot there.”

    Maya however didn’t get convinced. That day she went to sleep crying.

    Maya was in her sleep, when an angel appeared in her dream, she asked, “Maya what do you want dear? “

    Maya says- “ I want to go back to my village. “

    Angel replies,” I cannot do that. But here is a box which can bring your village here! “

    Maya asks, “what? really?”

    She opens the box in excitement– It’s filled with seeds!

    Angel informs Maya that she should provide them with food and water whenever necessary and she will have her village in no-time.

    Maya then wakes up!

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