Maya becomes the SuperHero – Part 5


    Description: This Story is about Maya who wants to become a SuperHero. Her departure from her village to a new place, aspires her to recreate all that she’s been missing. Her determination to achieve that gets her close to her dream. Read the story to know for whom Maya wants to become a SuperHero and what she is upto! 

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    A year passes, the trees and plants saw their first summer and winter. 

    One fine day Maya spotted a flower that’s turning into a round object.

    And that’s when she realized it’s actually a fruit. She got super excited . 

    She never knew its flower that turns into vegetables/fruits.

    She ran back home and called daddy to come and see those fruits. He was so surprised to see the result. 

    He asked her-”How did you manage to grow such big trees when we don’t have so much water?”

    Then Maya told her dad that she saved water simply by not wasting it as water is the most precious thing on the planet!

    She said that just by turning off the tap while brushing, we can save enough to water 2 plants. By being conscious while taking a bath, she could save enough to water 3 plants. Also, she saved the discarded water from her water filter at home in different utensils to water up to 6 plants!

    Her dad paused Maya and asked -”But how is the tree so healthy? The tree needs nutrition just like us other than water!”

    Maya said- “Yes, daddy I know!”

    That’s why I gave the plants all the waste from the kitchen!

    Mom said, if I give onion peels, orange peels, extra veggies, eggshells to plants, that will add nutrition to the plant.

    Maya’s dad added further that -”  I am so proud of you Maya! Looking at you, even I am getting inspired! It’s surprising that being a scientist I know a lot but don’t do much for our Earth!”

    Maya with a smile on her face replied to her dad -” Let’s do this together dad and be Super Heroes!”

    Dad surprisingly smiles back at Maya -” SuperHeroes!!”

    Maya goes on- “Yes! The superheroes we know only protect the humans, but I want to protect all the trees, animals, birds , insects.”

    Dad in an affirmative tone adds to that-” In that way, we will actually protect humans too!”

    And then, Maya and her dad, just by planting trees, made the village a better place to live. The trees attracted clouds, it started to rain often and that yellow patch of Earth became just like the village she dreamt of where Maya and her family lived happily thereafter!

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